National Construction Adviceline – new partnership between the Health for Work Adviceline and CBH

On the back of the success of our Health for Work Adviceline service we are proud to announce that we have begun a partnership with Constructing Better Health (CBH), a not-for-profit organisation committed to improving the health of the construction, building services and facilities management sector workforces.

On Monday 3 September CBH launched its National Construction Adviceline, which uses the same interface as the Health for Work Adviceline and allows CBH to offer the same package of employer and employee health-related services to its construction industry members. The knowledge base on the Health for Work Adviceline website now includes a wealth of construction-related guides and documentation for service users from the construction sector.

According to Michelle Aldous, CEO of Constructing Better Health:

“Following the success of the Health for Work Adviceline, CBH anticipates similar results from the new National Construction Adviceline. 

CBH members now have easy, free access to expert occupational health advice – yet another route to improved occupational health in construction.”   

CBH is responsible for delivering the National Scheme for the management of occupational health in the construction industry. It focuses on five key areas:

  • Setting industry standards for both work-related health issues, and competency of occupational health provision.
  • Building a construction-specific knowledge portal.
  • Centralising the collection of work-related health data.
  • The transmission of fit-for-task data to enable employers to manage work-related health risks at site level.
  • A referral route through to specialists in the field of return to work and rehabilitation.

The new CBH National Construction Adviceline shares the same aims as the Health for Work Adviceline, namely:

  • getting an employee back to work after long-term sickness;
  • managing the impact on their business of an employee taking time off work due to ill health;
  • supporting an employee and benefiting from their abilities if they are at work with health issues;
  • encouraging and supporting an employee who is off work yet wants to return and contribute to their business;
  • developing a working culture where illness is less likely to occur.

For more information on CBH and its new National Construction Adviceline (free calls to 0845 873 7726), see the CBH website.

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