Tips for healthly staff and a healthy workplace

We’re becoming increasingly aware of the business benefits of keeping employees healthy and productive. But how can we actually achieve that aim? We’ve put together some practical tips for keeping the workplace (and the people who work in it) healthy.

  • Introduce a corporate wellness programme. A corporate wellness programme can help to nurture employee wellness whatever the working environment and can improve fitness, health, wellbeing and productivity. Get advice from the Health for Work Advicelineon how to:
    • introduce a corporate wellness programme that’s suitable for your organisation;
    • encourage employees to get fully involved in the programme.


  • Open channels of communication to give staff the opportunity to talk about any workplace health concerns at regular team meetings, one-to-ones, etc. Making it easier for employees to raise any health and wellbeing issues means that these issues are more likely to be resolved before they begin to affect your business’s productivity.


  • Minimise workplace hazards and health risks: It is up to employers to assess and manage hazards and risks to health in the workplace, which, if left unchecked, can ruin lives and damage business reputations and profits.


  • Learn how to keep your staff:Aim to boost staff retention by finding out practical ways to keep your staff well, happy and motivated. High staff turnover means:
    • unnecessary costs;
    • loss of vital knowledge;
    • reduced productivity;
    • lower morale in your workplace.


  • Make use of external expertise: There are many external sources of support and expertise to help you with any workplace health concerns, not least the Health for Work Adviceline whose occupational health professionals can offer free guidance on workplace health concerns.


  • Introduce a stress risk assessment policy: Stress is a serious issue that can cause a variety of stress-related health issues (e.g. depression, anxiety and other mental health problems; ulcers; diabetes, etc.). Employers have a responsibility to monitor employees’ mental health and offer support to those who appear to be struggling to cope.


  • Raise your own awareness of mental illness and understand your responsibilities as an employer. The more you understand mental health issues, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to spot warning signs before mental health problems begin to affect your team.


  • Help an employee make the transition back to work after long-term sickness absence: Helping an employee return to work will offer measurable benefits in terms of business productivity and staff morale.

Get advice from the Health for Work Adviceline (0800 0 77 88 44).


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