Non smokers take less time off work

The most common New Years resolution is to stop smoking. Commonly it’s easy to change behaviour for a few days but as time goes by it gets more & more difficult to stick with it. Like any activity in life planning to succeed is key. Indeed planning any strategy whether it is in our business or personal life increases your chance of success.

Stopping smoking is one behaviour which will have far reaching affects on you health & wellbeing. Experts say stopping smoking is the very best thing you can do to improve your health. Other benefits include being wealthier, smelling sweeter, improved fitness, less risk of ill health now or later in life.

As an employer having staff who do not smoke is a real benefit for your business. Non smokers have less time off sick, less opportunistic infections and less long-term health conditions. Smokers often take breaks from the workplace which makes them less productive than their colleagues. Smokers are often more stressed than their colleagues, they are often thinking about their next nicotine fix which can distract them from the task in hand.

Helping Small and Medium businesses manage health and wellbeing in the workplace, the Health4work advice line 0800 077 88 44 or The advice line can give you professional advice from qualified Occupational Health nurses on health and work related issues.

Encouraging your workforce to quit on No Smoking Day 9th March 2011, using the support of local and national smoking cessation services will benefit you and your business. For more information contact: or to find local services.

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